Betty’s Accomplishments

  • Betty has several proud moments of service she helped provide to our students and families of Seattle Public Schools. One was the establishment of the Racial Equity Policy (in 2012). We are a national leader in having a policy on this. It is no secret that there is a substantial gap between our African American students and our white and Asian students in academic performance on standardized tests. I am proud of the launch of the African American Male Initiative to address the opportunity gap that persists and the focus on cultural responses to closing the gaps in every school. I am proud to support this effort not only with our district but with the City of Seattle, with whom I have worked closely while on the Board.
  • Also, changing our school bell schedule (start times) was a huge feat for our district over the last few years. I am exceptionally proud of our district, the research consultants and our community stakeholders who provided their input and contributions to allow the Board to make an informed decision about a significant culture change for the families of our district.
  • Passing resolution on support of ethnic studies
  • Passing moratorium on nonviolent suspensions for elementary students.
  • Passing resolution for affirming safe zones for immigrant students.
  • Adopting new curricular materials for elementary, middle school, and high school for various subjects.

There is still work to be done! I need your voice, ideas, and resolutions on an ongoing basis to tackle the concerns affecting our kids.

Betty Patu Seattle School Board