King County Democrats, Seattle Education Association (SEA), International Union of Operating Engineers Local 609, Metropolitan Democratic Club, King County Young Democrats, Current Seattle School Board Members: Sue Peters (District IV); Jill Geary (District III), Leslie Harris (District VI), Rick Burke (District II), Scott Pinkham (District I), King County Councilman Larry Gossett and Rhonda Gossett, Kyle and Jennifer Griffith, NAACP Education Director, Rita Green, Founder of El Centro Dela Raza Estela Ortega, Attorney General Bob Rosenberger, State Rep. Sharon Tomiko-Santos, Melissa Westbrook, Andre Helmstetter, President of Seattle Council PTSA Sebrena Burr, NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton, NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford, Former UW Husky Head Coach Lorenzo Romar, The Stranger, Kay Bullitt, Dr. Carol & Jim Simmons, Justin Simmons, Kay Cohrs, Pastor Carl Livingston, Pastor Washington & Leah Talaga, Bob & Pam Berry, Pastor Conjouel and LaVerne Andrews, Carolyn Mar, Coach Mike Bethea, Carol Bell, Scott Stafne, Monique Payton, Antoinette Daniel, Margo Jones, Shafiga Abramova, Richard Finley, Mandel Jackson, Gian Rosario, Naj Ali, Arron Rosario, Arianne Rosario, Juliana Rosario, Camille Monzon, Mary Tuaolo, Florence Faalelea, Dan Jurdy, Susan & Fred DeAlcorn, LaCretiah Claytor, The Patu Family, Talonya Green, Duane Chappelle, and more to come…

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The Seattle Weekly
The Stranger

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Andre Helmstette

Parent/Community Advocate and Seattle School Board Candidate for District V

King County Young Democrats

King County Young Democrats

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 609

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 609

Seattle Teachers Association (SEA)

Seattle Teachers Association (SEA)

Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle

Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle

King County Democrats

43rd Legislative District Democrats

37th Legislative District Democrats

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Pastor Conjouel & LaVerne Andrews

Pastor Washington & Leah Talaga

Pastor Carl Livingston

Pastor of Kingdom Christian Center

Joanna Cullen

Community Activist (Central Area)

Melissa Westbrook

ounder of Seattle Public Schools Blog and Education Reporter

Sebrena Burr

President of Seattle Council PTSA

Rita Green

Director of Education for NAACP

Estela Ortega

Founder of El Centro De la Raza

More to come…


Rick Burke

Seattle School Board Director, District II

Scott Pinkham

Seattle School Board Director, District I

Jill Geary

Seattle School Board Director District III

Leslie Harris

Seattle School Board Director, District VI

Sue Peters

Seattle School Board Director District IV

Bob Hasegawa

Senator and Candidate for Mayor

Sharon Tomiko-Santos

State Representative

Bob Rosenberger

State Attorney General

Larry Gossett

King County Council Chair

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Pam Berry

Bob Berry

Carolyn Mar

Talonya Green

The Patu Family

LaCretiah Claytor

Susan DeAlcorn

Fred DeAlcorn

Dan Jurdy

Florence Faalelea

Mary Tuaolo

Camille Monzon

Juliana Rosario

Arianne Rosario

Arron Rosario

Naj Ali

Gian Rosario

Mandel Jackson

Richard Finley

Shafiga Abramova

Scott Stafne

Antoinette Daniel

Margo Jones

Carol Bell

Coach Mike Bethea

Coach Lorenzo Romar (Former UW Husky Coach)

Jamal Crawford (NBA Sixth Man of the Year)

Gary Payton (NBA Hall of Famer)

Kay Bullitt

Monique Payton

Duane Chappelle

Rhonda Gossett

Jennifer Griffith

Kyle Griffith

More to come…