Betty Patu, Re-elect for Seattle School Board Director, District 7

There are few who understand the challenges of today’s schools or the communities who fill them.  My Leadership, Results, and Experience differentiate me from my opponents. I have dedicated my life to understanding the dynamics of providing quality education to diverse groups.

I Have Proven Leadership

 I retired after 32 years of successfully directing educational programs recognized to increase graduation rates, college-bound students and reduced gang violence, as highlighted in the New York Times.  I was responsible for having the highest number of South Pacific Islander students graduate from public school in any one year. The notoriety of my program prompted Seattle Public Schools to expand my outreach to include ALL students in which I’ve continued this same success.  My late husband and I inspired our 5 children, each accomplished with college degrees, to proudly carry their legacy of service to their communities.  I believe, “A child is a life, a life produces change as we responsibly make a difference in these lives”. 

I Have Proven Results

My persistence in partnering with parents, students, staff and community in the schools I have served as Seattle School Board Director of District 7 for 2 terms, have shown significant improvements through Higher test scores, Increased graduation rates, Lower truancy rates and Increased family involvement. I am truly proud!

 I Have Proven Experience

My colleagues, Seattle School Board Directors, who represent the other Districts endorsed my Re-election to serve on the Board again.  I treated all communities with respect, ensured the safety of all our children and advocated for equitable and quality education.  There is a great deal of work left to accomplish together as I represent the voices of District 7. Join me, Betty Patu, in Re-Election for Seattle School Board Director, District 7 

Betty Patu Seattle School Board