Kyle Griffith
I support Betty because of her dedication to improving the lives of children through her tireless work to improve our education system. The trusting relationships with her community speaks volumes to who she is as a person and as a professional. As a business owner, Betty knows what it takes to partner with corporations and involve them in the process of creating innovative opportunities for the students at Seattle Public Schools.  

Kyle Griffith Co-Owner of Pier 57 Miners Landing

Jamal Crawford
As an African American Male who attended Rainier Beach High School in the 90’s, Betty Patu has always helped not only my African American peers but all kids who needed help with resources and opportunities. She didn’t see color, she saw students as a mother tending to her children. She dedicated her life to ensuring we graduated from high school on time and I am proud to let everyone know what she did for me. I am forever grateful and love this woman! She will represent your voice on the Board in a spirit of excellence! You know the person by the fruit that she/he bears, Betty’s work and the changes in our lives speak for itself. As Betty enjoyed serving others, it inspired me to do the same in my community and abroad. Please maintain Betty Patu as your Seattle School Board Director of District 7 #vote4BettyPatu4schoolboarddistrict7

Jamal Crawford NBA Sixth Man of the Year (3x) Minnesota Timberwolves

Sebrena Burr – President of the Seattle Council PTSA
Betty Patu has been one of the most determined and effective leaders in Seattle when it comes to working for every child in our schools and dismantling the structural, pervasive racism in this district.
The Stranger – Seattle’s Premier News Publication
Betty Patu is a goddamned legend. As a South Seattle high-school teacher and tireless advocate for minority students, Patu waltzed into local gang meetings to get her students to go back to class and once even barked down a student who held another peer at gunpoint. NBD! Her work directly lowered high-school dropout rates in the community. Despite spending nearly a decade on the school board—seen by many education advocates as the soul-sucking home of single-issue candidates—Patu hasn't wavered in her commitment to equity.

The Stranger Seattle’s Premier News Publication

Sue Peters
I have had the honor of serving with Betty Patu on the School Board these past three years, last year as her Vice President when she was President. We are fortunate as a district to have someone of her integrity and experience as a public servant. We were even more fortunate to have her as our Board leader. She has been honored with a litany of awards for her many years of service in various communities of color. Three decades, I believe it is. To give you an idea of how long Betty has been working for the community, she and her husband, Von Paul Patu, were among the first recipients of Senator Patty Murray’s Golden Tennis Shoe Award back in 1995. Two years ago I had the pleasure of attending the University of Washington’s MAP, which is the Multicultural Alumni Partnership “Bridging the Gap” breakfast, to see Betty and her husband receive the “Distinguished Community Service Award” for dedicating their lives to the education and advocacy of all underrepresented students. She never loses sight of what matters and why we are here. "What is best for our students? How does this benefit the kids?" -- These are always the questions that underlie her actions. She has proven to be a strong voice for our students and communities. With nearly eight years of experience on the School Board, she brings valuable oversight skills and knowledge to the position. What is especially remarkable about Betty is that her experience is real. She has helped get kids off the streets, encouraged them to stay in school. I am convinced she has saved lives. Even now, former students come to her and tell her their lives took a different path because of her. She is a woman of courage and conviction, an honest voice that speaks from the heart but with a solid sense of common sense. She has the strength of character to be humble, but is also fierce in her dedication to meet the needs of all the children of Seattle’s public schools. I knew then and I was proven right that she has the honesty and integrity to be a powerful leader of our Board and our district. She will be a very hard act to follow. Thank you, Betty.”

Sue Peters Seattle School Board President Director for District IV